What I did and didn’t do today…

Dishes (1 hour)
Jaspre Barke’s Stripped Bare, roughly A4 size comic strip for a sci-fi magazonme
Went shopping for my Dad’s birthday present (phoned Dad to tell him his birthday is on Monday – he’d forgotten [assuming he ever knew] Mum used to be the keeper of the dates, now it’s fallen to Annette – the trick seems to be to write them down…)
Talked to Warhammer, they seem to be happy with the way the arts going, but I’ve gotta get this greyscale done.
Spoke to Jonathan Williams my friend in Paris who Annette and I are staying with.
er… that might be it.
3 pages of greyscale painting.

On the face of it I seem to have done more than I expected, but it was definately less than I would have liked. Tomorrow – no procastination.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.