Warhammer and Website Update

Warhammer going well, website less so. I’m finishing off page 5 (of 8) and this is easily the best stuff I’ve ever done. I’d said to various people in the past that I’ll send stuff to the states when I think my artwork is ready and they’ve responded by saying that I’ll never think my art is good enough or ready enough. Well, it is now. When I finish this warhammer strip I’m gonna concentrate on a straight superhero story – a quick look at the comics festival website confirms that DC have editorial staff over – so it looks like it’ll be some sort of DC sample (DC group editor Bob Shreck, Vertigo Editor Will Dennis, Wildstorm Executive Editor Scott Dunbier and a couple of directors). Hopefully I’ll either be able to get in the queue to get a portfolio review or someone will bring my name (and artwork) up with one of them. I’m kinda hopeful that if I can get the art in front of them I’ll get positive response (not neccessarily any work, but certainly I’m hoping for anything that isn’t ‘you’re rubbish – go away and never darken our doorstep again’)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.