Creative Struggling

Hello anyone new. (I’m assuming there’ll be some traffic from the Warren Ellis blog Die Puny Humans). Here’s my blog and website. I’m a comic artist (currently to be seen in the pages of the galaxys greatest comic, 2000AD). This blog started out as a kinda reference to how difficult it was to a) get any comic work and b) battle my own inner demons about the quality of my artwork. Coincidentally, as the blog started I got my first 2000AD work (Judge Dredd) and some warhammer work. Since then I’ve been working off and on as work crops up. I’m currently drawing an eight page strip for Warhammer. If you go through the blog history you’ll discover just exactly how dull some of the minutae of a comic creators life can be – but still, it’s pretty cool 🙂 Some things that might be interesting on the site: the forum, which has a bunch of UK small press people (Bulldog Adventures among them), the picture post which has a whole bunch of interesting things in it – sketchs and finished work and the gallery which has a whole bunch of finished pages in it. Anyhue, that’s it. I update as frequently as the mood takes me (sometimes twice a day some times not for weeks) and er… uhm… yeah, that’s about it 🙂

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.