Last orders…

Every so often I come to the conclusion that I should kill the blog. I’m coming round to that idea again. The original blog was started just before my first 2000AD work and was meant to be a diary of me struggling to get pro work. As it happened, a 2000AD commision happened a couple of months after I started the blog making the point of it mostly redundant. Now, having just about finished Rogue (last page on table to be greywashed) I’ve kind of achieved a massive goal of a multi-parter (I was hoping for a two parter, but heck, who can complain about a six-parter?) and after doing the interview and seeing the response on the 2000AD message board, etc, it’s become obvious to me that I’ll have to stop pretending that I’m an amateur who’s lucking into work – now I have to start pretending I’m a professional who’s planned every step. The idea of a confessional style blog is becoming less attractive. Once Rogue is put to bed I think I can close the doors on ‘creative struggling’ – I may keep a blog as a way to let friends know what’s happening and what work is appearing when but it’s time to scale down my web presence, I think. Anyhue, gotta finish this last page.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.