Sore head… sore head…

Today’s list of ailments: RSI in wrists (much worse in right wrist) and thumbs. Stonking headache on left temple. Argh.

Was inking a page of Warhammer today but had to put it down head to store. Resume inking tomorrow and maybe get page 2 pencilled. Page 1 fully pencilled. This is all greywash.

Artists Blogs…

Making changes to blog … making changes…

updates: I’ve done a half page strip for a fiction magazine The Third Alternative illustrating an article by Jaspre Bark (insane genius).

Currently working on “The Seven” for Warhammer. Waiting on some more scripts for Nanas and Custard. As I’m now a professional I have to deal with accounts (oh they don’t tell you that in ‘How to Draw The Marvel Way’ – maybe they should have a chapter about the easiest ways to keep your receipts and what you can and can’t write off to tax) and accounts means tax years that start in April. We’re currently coming up to the end of my third year as a professional comic artist. Year one started promisingly (half a dozen jobs split between 2000AD/Warhammer) like the a fool I assumed that year two could only get better, but it got substantially worse, I think I did two jobs in my second year. Year three though has finally seen me do something more than a one off – it’s also seen me go mad and move from PC to Mac go through three scanners and two printers – but I think I’m finally ok with my computer equipment. Year four? dunno yet. I’d like to do something new for 2000AD and I’d like to get some interest in the states. I’d also like to get back to doing some black and white (or at least away from the greyshading). I’d also like to do something different with my art. :: View topic – Time for a change… :: View topic – Time for a change…

Finally finished Rogue Trooper, and many things which I’ve been thinking about for some time are finally getting a chance to be acted on, and, to that end …. I’m rejigging EVERYTHING! I’ll happily keep the forum, but I’ve looking for a name for it, it’s more the BAM/Solar Wind/Small Press forum than the pj forum so I’ll be scaling down my end of it (including changing the lovely red pjh logo) so suggestions are required!

I’ll still be hosting BAM as long as Jason wants (although I’ve taken my ability to post away as, more times than not, I’ve posted to BAM by accident). I’ve culled some of the deadblog from the website as well

Creative Struggling will be closing its doors – but not to worry PJ fans (me and the wife) I’ll be starting a brand spanking new blog with 50% less whining and 20% more spelling errors.

Picture Post will also be closing it’s doors – the new blog will take its place (what with me being able to post piccies directly to it).

The PJ Portfolio section will be updated and expanded (or, more likely, it wont be)

I’ll probably lose the ability to post comments to the website at least until I can figure out a better way of getting them to work.

And … that’s it. I’ll prolly add a bio and maybe a publishography (is that a word? what word am I looking for? I dunno) to my own site, any comments gratefully received.

– pj


Posted by me to the wrong blog:

Rogue Update:

On the last page! Yay! Nearly all done, in the middle of pencilling/inking it, then tonight and tomorrow I get to greywash all of the artwork – whoohoo then sunday I scan it all in, and it’s done! (bar any last minute changes). After that…? dunno. Time for a new website and some new goals.

New website to come…