‘Nanas & Custard…

Ah, Nanas and Custard – my current escape from the world of Rogue and bloody greywashes, I can knock those off in no time at all (and it doesn’t even feel like work). I really am starting to feel like a proper artist these days, I’m sure it’ll all change when the 2000AD work finishes and there’s nothing ahead of me, but sure.

Another escape from Rogue has been “Doc Atom” (Science Tore him from our world, but can Science send him back?) pulpy Flash Gordon style strip for Atomica the small press comic I mentioned earlier. Which I’ll probably not do. Probably.

I’ve been of the mind for a while now that there are eventually going to be two types of full-time comic artists: those that are awe-inspiringly good but expensive, so will always be in demand (but can afford to do little work – think Adam Hughes) and those that are fast and cheap. The rest of us saps will have to keep at our part time job that pays the bills and allows us to work in comics.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.