Gah, every new peripheral I’ve bought has been rubbish…

Bloody inkjet printer refuses to print black when it’s run out of colour (wtf?). Bloody flatbed A4 scanner has a large lip on it so it won’t easily scan pages in two passes. Argh.

Anyhue, Jason Cobley has just bought an A4 duplex printer. And I want one. It lead me down the path of thinking small press again and shareware comics (those with elephant like memories will recall shareware comics*). I’m thinking of doing something which would use one of the Creative Commons licences (specifically, allowing people to copy but not for profit and acknowlegdement required). Title would be “Atomica” and it would a compilation of various fifties style sci-fi shorts (think lost continents populated by dinosaurs, giant apes and cavemen; men travelling to mars on rockets and meeting a race of 50foot tall women; scientist building ships to escape a dying world featuring the uneducated mechanic who always seems to be part of the rocket science team; invaders from the moon blasting shrink rays at the world — stories not neccessarily set in the 50s but filtered through that kinda niave world view). I’d like to aim it all age groups and feature as wide a variety of artwork styles as I can manage. It’d be printed and distrubed to my local comic shop (more as a way of handing a proper print out in my hands) but, more importantly, it’d be distributed as a PDF with a creative commons licence allowing people to print out and distribute to their own comic shops. Anyhue, I might do something with it, I might not, but I’ve mocked up the first cover and it makes me laugh.

to quote from an archive somewhere: The basic principle is that, rather than wait for requests for work, creators put selected comic strips of varying lengths available to download as 300dpi graphics files. Then, should a publisher be looking for stuff to put in an anthology or to fill a space at the back of their own comic, they can use it within certain parameters. No payment is required but a copy of the finished book is requested.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.