Rogue Episode 4 Finished!

Hooray! Most of it done in a deadline busting final week, greyscaled about 4 pages today and got them all scanned in. There are flaws, but there always will be. Hopefully the mighty tharg will be happy – or at least non-committal. And then I can get started into the next one. And the next. And then… it’s over. What next? Not sure, Nanas ‘n’ Custard is now an ongoing one pager in Toxic – I’ll let y’all know when the first episode hits newsagents. Warhammer have a long-on-the-boil one off for me. Which I’m looking forward too, despite it being more fecking greyscale work and have a very large double page spread which’ll be a nightmare to scan. And after that… I dunno – nothing paying is lined up. I emailed Avatar at the start of December (not at their invite, I just figured I’d send ’em a link to my work – if anything comes of it I’ll let you know) and I have a envelope of artwork to be sent to Dark Horse (which I’ll do tomorrow – again, this is another unsolicited submission – it’s kinda fun to get back into the sending of unsolicited submissions – not that I ever did that much of it, but everything I did was geared towards finally doing it, one day, y’know, when I was good enough, as I later found out – I’ll never think I’m good enough, but sod it).

On the computer front: I love my Mac. It doesn’t crash as often as windows (although it does sometimes slow down and I’ll reboot just because I’m trained in windows and that’s what I’m used to). Annette and I are planning a holiday in Paris. I went once, when I was about 11 with my school. I have vague memories of a) driving through the red light area and b) getting bullied almost non-stop for the three week trip – if you’re a parent, never send a nerdy comic reading geek away on holiday with the school bullies, it’s never a good idea. Anyhue, that’ll be our holiday this year.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.