I haven’t posted in a little while. (As you’ve no doubt guessed). I’ve been up to my eyeballs in my 9-5 job (or, more accurately my 8:45 – 12:45 job – yeah, yeah – who’s going to be sympathetic about a 17.5 hr working week) and Rogue has been going in fits and starts. I’ve all of it fully inked and just have to a) greyscale about 3 pages and b) scan the bloody stuff in (and, quite possibly c) redraw selected bits). Deadline is Tuesday (although, as it needs posted it’ll be Monday). Then get started on the next episode (ep 5). I’ve got to finish another episode of Nanas and Custard – which’ll make a nice break between Rogue’s. I promised the 2000AD review website I’d do an interview with them at some point – when I felt that Rogue was gonna get finished and nothing peculiar happened. Course my mum died, which screwed me up both deadline wise and personally. But Rogue is getting back on track. Went up to my younger brothers school (8 year old Luke) and showed them how to draw comics and spent some time helping them come up with superheroes – which was fun. The boys were coming up with “Jail-Boy” (Lukes superhero – really not sure what to make of that – apparently he has a bar which he uses – ties in the Jail theme, I suppose – and a boomerang “Just because”) and the girls came up with thrilling superheroines like “Unicorn Woman”.

Author: PJ

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