The Year in Review…

Sigh. This past year has seen some real highlights and then a rather spectacular low point. The highs: getting married in to Annette, getting my first on-going commision (six part Rogue Trooper – like, way to go with easing me in there Thargie) and the low: my mum dying. Wow, that’s a lot for over a year. Except it wasn’t over a year, it was from September to December. Three months. fuck.

If you’ve read previous entries you’ll know my feelings about getting my first pro-gig. Kinda disappointing, after years and years and years of setting my sights on Dredd I finally got one. As my first gig (2000/2001 ish) which left me feeling … I dunno… ambitions fulfilled I suppose. So this coming year I’ve reset my sights (which had been to reset to “On going series”) I’d like to do work for the States (Dark Horse/Avatar I don’t think I’m Marvel/DC material – not at this point at any rate). I’d like to co-create a series for either 2000AD or Warhammer. (Hang on, I’ve just realised – I’ve just co-created a series for Toxic! – “Nanas ‘n’ Custard” d’oh!). And the biggie: I’d like to draw full time. It’d mean giving up the day-job (which can only happen when I’m having to turn down work and I’ve a schedule for what? a year and a half ahead). Ok. Those are my ambitions for the next few years. Lets see which of these milestones we can hit 🙂

Anyhue, hoping this year is better. For everyone (awww…)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.