Rogue Trooper

Phew. Finished episode 3. Now on episode 4. First page about half done. Could’ve finished it today but was farting around on the t’internet – damn it all to hell.

Congrats to Matt, btw.

The Year in Review…

Sigh. This past year has seen some real highlights and then a rather spectacular low point. The highs: getting married in to Annette, getting my first on-going commision (six part Rogue Trooper – like, way to go with easing me in there Thargie) and the low: my mum dying. Wow, that’s a lot for over a year. Except it wasn’t over a year, it was from September to December. Three months. fuck.

If you’ve read previous entries you’ll know my feelings about getting my first pro-gig. Kinda disappointing, after years and years and years of setting my sights on Dredd I finally got one. As my first gig (2000/2001 ish) which left me feeling … I dunno… ambitions fulfilled I suppose. So this coming year I’ve reset my sights (which had been to reset to “On going series”) I’d like to do work for the States (Dark Horse/Avatar I don’t think I’m Marvel/DC material – not at this point at any rate). I’d like to co-create a series for either 2000AD or Warhammer. (Hang on, I’ve just realised – I’ve just co-created a series for Toxic! – “Nanas ‘n’ Custard” d’oh!). And the biggie: I’d like to draw full time. It’d mean giving up the day-job (which can only happen when I’m having to turn down work and I’ve a schedule for what? a year and a half ahead). Ok. Those are my ambitions for the next few years. Lets see which of these milestones we can hit 🙂

Anyhue, hoping this year is better. For everyone (awww…)


Been spending far too much time playing on my computer and not actually drawing. Still. Put ep 3 page 3 to bed and I’ve most of ep 3 page 4 drawn just two panels which I’m finding difficult. Last page is a four panel page – big exciting pay off panel so it’ll either be dead easy or very difficult. Starting to get weird twinges in my thumb. My stomach ache thingie is back and I’m broke. So good start to the year then. Oh well.