Just finished Rogue Trooper ep 3, page 2. Starting work on page 3 tomorrow. I’m starting to feel like drawing again (which is good). Latest news: I’ll be drawing a strip for kids comic “Toxic!” (no relation to early ninties comic “Toxic!”) the strip’s called “Nana’s and Custard” and I’ve drawn up episode 1 (all one page strips). New Years resolutions: draw. Draw. Draw some more. And start trying to dip a toe in America.

Anyhue, have a nice new year.

“Journals” Post

Yes, er… sorry. That was me being dense. I’m still playing with my new mac and I’m finding new things. You can safely ignore that last post (and any other post, come to that).

In the meantime, if I don’t post before Chrimbo – have a good one 🙂

Future Shock

If’n you’re interested, some of the artwork for the futureshock is online here. This is slightly different from the published artwork as I did lots of last minute changes and then forgot to get a copy.