Getting back to work…

So, I’ve spent the past two weeks or so trying to start drawing again, with very little success. Sometimes I think I can see the light but then it turns out to be a train. The biggest difficulty with sitting at a drawing table trying to draw is the need to silence the little hypercritical voice in your head. This, I’ve found, can be best done with some personal grooming (weird? yes – but also true). Sniping nasal hairs, shaving your back and discovering just exactly how long your eyebrows can get at the age of 33 helps to silence the inner sniper. Well, it keeps him quiet until you’ve finished. Then you realise than there are miniscule nasal hairs all over the artwork and shaving your back only makes your back itchy. It’s a tough life.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.