Mecon se7en 5th – 7th March 2004

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Woohoo, Glen Fabry is a guest. Glenn’s great craic, and a certain of my acquitance has said he might be interested, that weekend is shaping up nicely.

Started redrawing (fourth go) page 1 of this 2000AD strip, with more success. I bought some cool new marker pens and I’m using one of them for lots of noodly detail – looks different from what’s gone before, but what the hell.

Getting back to work…

So, I’ve spent the past two weeks or so trying to start drawing again, with very little success. Sometimes I think I can see the light but then it turns out to be a train. The biggest difficulty with sitting at a drawing table trying to draw is the need to silence the little hypercritical voice in your head. This, I’ve found, can be best done with some personal grooming (weird? yes – but also true). Sniping nasal hairs, shaving your back and discovering just exactly how long your eyebrows can get at the age of 33 helps to silence the inner sniper. Well, it keeps him quiet until you’ve finished. Then you realise than there are miniscule nasal hairs all over the artwork and shaving your back only makes your back itchy. It’s a tough life.

It’s been a rough week or so…

Thanks to everyone who emailed/left comments/posted cards. A correction: it wasn’t a heart attack – it was an enlarged heart, which means no pain – apparently it’s like switching off a light.

And, it’s back to the drawing board. What to do about the blog though? I think … I may keep the blog ( lives on!), but move it into the background. will then become the place to go for all your pj holden comic news (updates/signings/etc – heh, what a tosser I sound) with the blog held over for more personal stuff. I’ve started adding a new bit, at last, a proper image section here and I’ve begun uploading various things.

My Mum died on Wednesday

She died in her sleep of a massive heart attack. She’d survived breast cancer (a double masectomy) and had become diabetic, but my mum was a proper survivor – not once, not one time did I ever think that the cancer or anything else would get her – I never thought my mum could die, for all intents and purposes, in my mind she was indestructable – and, of course, since she made it through cancer that just proved me right – there ya’ go – the woman can’t be killed. And a few years after she’s over it, she died of a heart attack. I’m not sure posting this is the smartest thing I’ve done, as it’s supposed to be the end of the blog and it’s a blog with my battles with the drawing table. But my mum set me down the road of drawing. She bought my first comics (including 2000AD) – she bought me the Hulk comic/jigsaw, she bought me pencils and pens and paper. She put up with me drawing in the living room, the kitchen and anywhere else I could find enough space to draw. She put up with it, not because she could spot any particular ability, but because she was my mum, and that’s what a mum’s supposed to do.