More updates on episode #2

Finished page 5 earlier tonight, then went back and redrew page 4 (making it look much better) and then went and started redrawing every female face that appears in the strip.

I have a strategy for things I can’t draw: embrace them. Draw and redraw and redraw until I stop being bad at them, in fact get to the point that I enjoy drawing them. This sounds simple, but it ain’t. Drawing bad hands? Draw millions of hands and eventually problem disappears. It’s the drawing of millions of hands which is the problem.

Current big-time difficulties I have:

  • Perspective – buildings, backgrounds, anything really that relies on a vanishing point – or worse, multiple vanishing points. I’m trying to embrace this one, by having a couple of perspective based shots per strip (sometimes I plan them out then panic, and just either bluff it or change the angle to something much easier to draw)
  • Women – oh god, this is catholic guilt and being unable to draw superhero women at a young age – in case I looked like a perv. So instead of drawing semi-naked women for fear of looking like a perv, I drew lots of semi-naked men which lead my parents to think I was gay for years. Redrawing the women in the strip till they’re right.
  • Hands – I enjoy drawing hands now but there’s a certain “Holdeness” to them which I’m trying to avoid (actually I’m trying to avoid “Holdeness” in pretty much everything – it just says “I’ve drawn this 1000 times, this current one is 1001 – no need to try”.)

Anyhue, enough self-admonishment. Going to bed.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.