Here we are, a mark of the conflicting nature of my abilities (such as they are):

Start of the week: “I can’t do this, maybe I should just pack it in, I’ve reached the peak of where it’s possible for me to go. It’s too hard. I’ve a brilliant part time job, maybe I should just stick to that.”

End of the week: “I love drawing, bloody hell this is easy, I could redraw the entire thing over the weekend (if I wasn’t going to Dundalk) it looks great”.

So there you have it. Today is a good day for drawing. Work done so far: complete redraw of page 4, punched up (by redrawing most of the panels) page 3 and eyeing up the crap panel on page 2. If I can get all that done today (it’d be a miracle) I’ll be happy.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.