Career Path

My career path before working for 2000ad was very simple… draw for 2000AD. Nothing more, when my first dredd was commisioned, that was it. Goal acheived. I was weirdly deflated. Year 1 was a good year, I did work for warhammer, 2000AD and a company called Tek2 (website company, doing illustrations for the BBC site among other places). And I figured, well, it’s never gonna get worse than this. Year 2 was much worse. I think I did one 2000AD at the start of the year, and, near the end a second 2000AD gig and a warhammer gig. Three jobs. (I think the inland revenue actually owe me tax for that year). This year is shaping up really well, A Dredd published, the six parter for 2000AD (final deadline 15th March). A cool one – off for warhammer (and who knows where else that might lead). And now, a superhero spoof story for a kids magazine. I’m gonna be developing a one-page strip. It’s only a one off, one pager, but it’ll be good fun and radically different from the other stuff. Anyhue. Cool, eh?

Just wondering when it’s all gonna balls-up.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.