Closing time…

Had a fantastic time in Dundalk, thanks, in no small part to David Lloyd and Glenn Fabry. But… it’s time to face facts, the confessional nature of a blog is going to run contrary to ambitions, so I’m calling time. I’ll be replacing the blog with a more professional web presence. The Winterfest is Nov 1st, and immediatly after it I’ll be switching to the new site.

Ta ta for now.


Here we are, a mark of the conflicting nature of my abilities (such as they are):

Start of the week: “I can’t do this, maybe I should just pack it in, I’ve reached the peak of where it’s possible for me to go. It’s too hard. I’ve a brilliant part time job, maybe I should just stick to that.”

End of the week: “I love drawing, bloody hell this is easy, I could redraw the entire thing over the weekend (if I wasn’t going to Dundalk) it looks great”.

So there you have it. Today is a good day for drawing. Work done so far: complete redraw of page 4, punched up (by redrawing most of the panels) page 3 and eyeing up the crap panel on page 2. If I can get all that done today (it’d be a miracle) I’ll be happy.

More updates on episode #2

Finished page 5 earlier tonight, then went back and redrew page 4 (making it look much better) and then went and started redrawing every female face that appears in the strip.

I have a strategy for things I can’t draw: embrace them. Draw and redraw and redraw until I stop being bad at them, in fact get to the point that I enjoy drawing them. This sounds simple, but it ain’t. Drawing bad hands? Draw millions of hands and eventually problem disappears. It’s the drawing of millions of hands which is the problem.

Current big-time difficulties I have:

  • Perspective – buildings, backgrounds, anything really that relies on a vanishing point – or worse, multiple vanishing points. I’m trying to embrace this one, by having a couple of perspective based shots per strip (sometimes I plan them out then panic, and just either bluff it or change the angle to something much easier to draw)
  • Women – oh god, this is catholic guilt and being unable to draw superhero women at a young age – in case I looked like a perv. So instead of drawing semi-naked women for fear of looking like a perv, I drew lots of semi-naked men which lead my parents to think I was gay for years. Redrawing the women in the strip till they’re right.
  • Hands – I enjoy drawing hands now but there’s a certain “Holdeness” to them which I’m trying to avoid (actually I’m trying to avoid “Holdeness” in pretty much everything – it just says “I’ve drawn this 1000 times, this current one is 1001 – no need to try”.)

Anyhue, enough self-admonishment. Going to bed.


Went to bed early last night, I suspect I just can’t hack this staying up til 2am and then getting up at 7am to finish work. Something I could do in my twenties (argh, what an expression – how old do I feel) but not something I could do now. Anyhue, up at 7 this morning, finished page 4 and started into page 5 which is mostly pencilled and I’ve inked a couple of panels. I kinda feel this page is my voice starting to come out (whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen, as regulars will now “my voice” translates to “cartoony” and this isn’t a cartoony strip, but we’ll see…)

2000AD Online – The Official Home of 2000 AD and Judge Dredd

2000AD Online – The Official Home of 2000 AD and Judge Dredd

2000AD update: started this week with two and a half pages of pencils, and as of right now, I’ve finished three pages (inked/greyscaled). On track to complete page 4 today/tonight. Page 5 tomorrow, and then down to Dundalk for a convention, which should be good. Following week I’ve gotta scan the artwork and form it onto the page. Then get prepped for part three.

Wow, this ongoing stuff fairly takes it out of you.