Burnt the midnight oil last night, finishing up at about 2:00. Got page 1 (the fourth page drawn) finished. Really pleased with it (probably more than it deserves). Surprised at the positive reaction of the “Flooks” story, mostly cus the art was so bitty, saved by the colour (and script, I suppose). In my head I think I’ve finally made the transision from Amateur to Professional (on paper it’s another matter). I suspect getting a six part series (six months worth of work more or less directly after finishing a Dredd) has made the big difference. And I can start to see other jobs I’d like to be involved in. All very very not as weird as I think it should be. Still, pride comes before a fall.

Working on page 2 now (the fifth and final page to be drawn) and it’s another killer page – lots of widescreen blowy up action. I seem to be comfortable with this stuff, which surprises me a great deal. I figured the talking heads would be easy and this would be difficult, I guess it’s more difficult to make talking heads look (visually) interesting whereas all out war is much easier. Oh well, drawing hand getting tired. Eyes tired. Back to work.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.