Lotta Stuff Happening…

I kinda feel like I’m running three times faster than I need too, I think it’s excitement. I’ve been given a commision by 2000AD (no, won’t say more). I’m posting off a proposal for a series for Warhammer (cool cool stuff – hopefully they’ll go for it, if not — I curse you Christian, may your boat be full of holes – :P). Jaspre Bark has thrown a couple of other things up at me (and I’ve done likewise) which I’m trynna do stuff for, all the while I’m still at bloody work.


2000AD project, I’m doing this in a funny order – I’ve drawn the last panel of the last page. I think it looks cool, but then I would. (Until someone sees it and points out the terrible anatomy/perspective/composition/lighting/ [*delete as applicable])

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.