Updates, updates, updates

Page 2 finished. In fact , the whole thing is finished and my deadline is Tuesday the 7th October. BUT… I’m redrawing pages 3 and 4 cus they just lazy (especially compared with pages 1 and 2). Anyhue I’m in the middle of pencilling them now.

I’m hoping that having six jobs on one after the other will really inject some rocket fuel into the quality of my artwork, I always gripe that after a job is complete it’s so long until the next one I’m relearning. Well, now I get to see if that’s just a load of bollox I use to hide laziness. (Oh god)

Page Pg 2 nearly finished.

One panel left, half inked and er… no pencils left, I’m kinda pencilling on the run with this panel, got a central figure, some rough background pencilled and then just went mad inking (I think if I’d tried pencilling and then inking I’d’a been too tired to do anything with it) as it is (and given I’m very tired) it looks pretty cool. And that’s without the greyscale. The greyscale really lets me hide my biggest weakness (well, one of my bigger weaknesses at any rate) which is inability to seperate foreground, middleground and background. I just grey in those areas as I want them. Off to bed now.


Burnt the midnight oil last night, finishing up at about 2:00. Got page 1 (the fourth page drawn) finished. Really pleased with it (probably more than it deserves). Surprised at the positive reaction of the “Flooks” story, mostly cus the art was so bitty, saved by the colour (and script, I suppose). In my head I think I’ve finally made the transision from Amateur to Professional (on paper it’s another matter). I suspect getting a six part series (six months worth of work more or less directly after finishing a Dredd) has made the big difference. And I can start to see other jobs I’d like to be involved in. All very very not as weird as I think it should be. Still, pride comes before a fall.

Working on page 2 now (the fifth and final page to be drawn) and it’s another killer page – lots of widescreen blowy up action. I seem to be comfortable with this stuff, which surprises me a great deal. I figured the talking heads would be easy and this would be difficult, I guess it’s more difficult to make talking heads look (visually) interesting whereas all out war is much easier. Oh well, drawing hand getting tired. Eyes tired. Back to work.

One of the many, many rules I stupidly collect…

Suggests that your best pages should be the first and the last as those are the pages that stick in peoples heads. I like the last page, I like the first page (which I’ve just completed). I’ve got the second page to do but the third and fourth are horrible. Plenty of time to draw the final page, less time to redraw pages 3 and 4. I’m getting a pal to come round and I’m gonna try going for some photo reference.

Working as a pro


Best things:

  • Getting paid
  • Producing Work
  • Seeing your work in print
  • Getting good reviews

Worst things:

  • Knowing you’ll never be able to draw a page exactly as you’d like it to cus you’ve got deadlines
  • No sense of accomplishment cus you’re churning stuff out to meet a deadline
  • Getting bad reviews.

Ok, I’ve nothing particularly to moan about, I just wish I had another month to do this strip cus then I could redraw it all exactly like I want to. But it’s too late and stupid decisions I made five days ago have to be carried out, cus changing how someone looks on another page is just madness.