When I finish any strip there’s always a little bit of finishing off to do, things like making sure bits have scanned in right, things overlap (or don’t overlap) as they’re supposed to, etc and printing out. I bought a new printer recently – a nice flash Epson C82 colour printer. I woulda prolly gone for a good quality black and white laser, but Annette wanted colour (and I wanted to play with colour) so we went for this and whaddya know, it turns out to be better than my last laser printer – and the colour is fecking brilliant. So anyways been printing out, tidying up things and I’ve more things to post. The count down is on for the barbados Wedding/Honeymoon – 2 weeks to go before the kickoff. I think if I was thinking about it I’d prolly brick it, hence the large amount of work (or displacement activity) of late.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.