I’m getting married

On Friday the 5th in Barbados, at 4pm local time. This is prolly my last post for a couple of weeks (unless I can find cheap/good internet cafes). So see you soon. (And here’s hoping I can really start cranking up the productivity)

New Toy! New Toy!

Polaroid Digital Camera

In a moment of madness I bought one of these, £126 from Argos (incl 64Mb Card and camera case) – bargain! it’s a great little unit, and I can take videos with it (apparently 16Mb gives a 3 minute video, so … 64 Mb should give um… hang on… er.. it’s coming … 12minutes). So the question is… what do I film? I like the idea of DVD style extras for comics on websites (it’s something I’ve bought up before) but is anyone else interested?


When I finish any strip there’s always a little bit of finishing off to do, things like making sure bits have scanned in right, things overlap (or don’t overlap) as they’re supposed to, etc and printing out. I bought a new printer recently – a nice flash Epson C82 colour printer. I woulda prolly gone for a good quality black and white laser, but Annette wanted colour (and I wanted to play with colour) so we went for this and whaddya know, it turns out to be better than my last laser printer – and the colour is fecking brilliant. So anyways been printing out, tidying up things and I’ve more things to post. The count down is on for the barbados Wedding/Honeymoon – 2 weeks to go before the kickoff. I think if I was thinking about it I’d prolly brick it, hence the large amount of work (or displacement activity) of late.

Untitled (Saturday, 16th August 2003)

Updates: Just finished the last bit of inking on Cages pg 5 and I’ve only a tiny (fraction of a panel) bit of inking on page 4. So, bar the greyscaling, that’s it finished. I’m happy enough with it. Hopefully the greyscaling I’ll add will take the edge of the sparse look of it – it was a stylistic choice, not sure now if it was such a good idea – don’t know if I can draw well enough to draw sparten.

Cages Finished

Well, the pencilling and inking. I’ll be away most of the weekend so won’t get the stuff scanned until Sunday at the earliest, Nick (if you’re reading this) I’ll get scans to you ASAP.