Dredd Finished

Well, I’m pretty much finished the Dredd, might tidy up a couple of panels over the weekend. Don’t like it – so what’s new. Based on it would I give me any more work? Nope, but then if I were a comic editor I’d never give me any work at all – still, I’m cheap and that’s what counts.

I’ve set up a basic template in photoshop to help me put the artwork together once it’s scanned and it’s been useful for pasting panels together – so instead of six pages of artwork I’ve about 10 all over the bloody place, panels here and there.

Gonna post it off as a CD on Monday.

What’s up next: well, work looks to be full time again for the next week at least (massive computer deliveries). I’ve still gotta finish Nick’s Cages script (argh, how long has that been?) and I’ve to tuck into Jason Cobley’s Bulldog script. All the while still pushing to get work from 2000AD and Warhammer (and we all now that I only want to work for Warhammer/2000AD – [delete as appropriate] cus they’re my fav).

Anyway go out tomorrow and pick up some paper, and try and actually become an artist, some times I get so wrapped up in making sure the anatomy is right, the storytelling is right and the background is drawn right that I forget that it’s art – so I want to play around with drawing.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.