The Black Library

The Black Library

Woohoo! The greyscale stuff is in print. Generally happy with it (always happy to a) get a commision, b) finish the work, c) receive a cheque and d) see it in print – tbh not sure which of these is most enjoyable…)

Anyhue, some things to think about for the next time I try this style – maybe I’ll do panel borders, with the dialogue it all looks a bit busy. Rough is better – the big panel on the last page was much more controlled and, as a consequence, doesn’t look as good or interesting as the other panels where I just let the grey splash around for a bit. If in doubt don’t use white-out – redraw it, I reworked and reworked one of the panels and, ultimately that’s what it looked like – I coulda just redrawn it in half the time and have it look twice as good. Hands – cor, lots of variable sized hands on the page, sometimes too small, sometimes too big – still I know this now, I’ll be on the look out next time.

Update on Dredd:

I’ve inked everything but page 5 (and panel 1 page 6) which is an all out action page (and panel) so rather than ink the pencils I have I’m taking the time to redraw them.

Author: PJ

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