2000AD 10 Commandments

Just sometimes, you have to remind yourself:

1 The first person to speak should always be on the left

2 Always leave the top 25% of the panel empty for lettering

3 Leave room for the title and the credits on the first page

4 Leave a 5mm gutter between each panel

5 Keep the camera angles varied and visually interesting

6 Tell the story – show what’s relevent

7 Make your characters act and react – show what’s relevant

8 Never bleed the story of the last panel of the page – leave room for the
next prog line

9 Lead the readers eye smoothly across the page

10 if you’re not sure about something, ask the editorial team

(Obviously when I say sometimes I mean “with alarming frequency”)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.