BBC NEWS | UK | ‘American justice’ for Britons

BBC NEWS | UK | ‘American justice’ for Britons: “Colonel Gunn warned there would be ‘cultural divides’ to overcome in providing a defence and it would be a ‘challenge’ given that defendants might not be told about certain evidence against them. “

So, here’s the deal: you’re arrested for being (possibly) being a member of an terrorist organisation, you’re shipped to a prison camp which doesn’t fall under any particular legal jurisdiction (certainly not UK/European or even American) you’re put on trial with a possibility of the death penalty (and, according to the BBC 38 of the 50 states have the death penalty – so how come George “Frying tonight” Bush feels that it can be imposed in some other country?) and you’re assigned a defence attorny from the US Military (the same US Military who are attempting to prosecute and kill you) and to top it all off you aren’t allowed to see the evidence they’re using to convict you?

Author: PJ

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