Untitled (Thursday, 22nd May 2003)

Well, off to bristol tomorrow. I have a small portfolio, but, once again, I’m not exactly sure what I’m gonna do when I get there. Marvel have just released their epic guidelines for artist submission, so maybe for next year I’ll have samples which are appropriate. Plan is, at this point, just to hang out with people. I’ve got a sore throat (something weirdly inflamed) which is pretty much gonna wash out my weekend I think (my throat normally gets bad as it is without it starting out like this).

Went to the Matrix. Wow. Fecking class. Wasn’t in any way disappointed (although it prolly helped that I was expecting it to be a little lame). Stay through the credits though as theres a little taster of the next one. Hoping to go see it tomorrow with some friends at Bristol.

Anyhue, that’s it, back after the weekend.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.