Untitled (Monday, 26th May 2003)

Back from Bristol to find my office building where I work (my actual paying work, you know, the job) was robbed and set on fire. Don’t know if it’ll make the national news. I work for a charity and there isn’t massive amounts of money for anything so god knows how this is gonna effect things long term. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to get in to survey the damage to the place (three story building, bottom floor is fire/smoke/water damaged – not sure about the others) later today. There may also be structural damage to the building. Anyway, I’ll post it as I get it.

Bristol, as it turns out, was cracking, made some new friends, got scared by some people and if have the work that was promised in a drunken haze turns up it’ll be a great year. Course, that may not be the case, but feck it – it was still a good con. Should my stuff to Matt Smith – he seemed to really like the greyscale warhammer stuff, so maybe something might happen there – who knows. Christian Dunn’s threatened some work in my direction, so hopefully that’ll happen.

With my proper job apparently up in flames, 2000AD and Warhammer may find me being a lot more proactive in finding work 😉

Untitled (Thursday, 22nd May 2003)

Well, off to bristol tomorrow. I have a small portfolio, but, once again, I’m not exactly sure what I’m gonna do when I get there. Marvel have just released their epic guidelines for artist submission, so maybe for next year I’ll have samples which are appropriate. Plan is, at this point, just to hang out with people. I’ve got a sore throat (something weirdly inflamed) which is pretty much gonna wash out my weekend I think (my throat normally gets bad as it is without it starting out like this).

Went to the Matrix. Wow. Fecking class. Wasn’t in any way disappointed (although it prolly helped that I was expecting it to be a little lame). Stay through the credits though as theres a little taster of the next one. Hoping to go see it tomorrow with some friends at Bristol.

Anyhue, that’s it, back after the weekend.

Untitled (Tuesday, 20th May 2003)

I’ve been asked to draw a dragon for Q-Con (a Belfast based RPG convention). I’ve done some artwork for them for the past several years and everytime I tell them “anything but dragons”. So that’s what I’m doing. Hopefully doing this will get me out the current mire. Although I doubt it.

Untitled (Tuesday, 13th May 2003)

I’ve tried to steer clear of the Matrix Reloaded reviews, cus I want to see it untainted (or as untainted as it’s possible to be when you’ve watched every single trailer frame for frame) but I started reading a couple on Ain’t It Cool News and oh god, I’m gonna be sooo disappointed. Way back in January I suggested that some of the animation was a bit ropey but I think I was hoping it was still a bit rough, but no. I’m building myself towards dissappointment.