Untitled (Thursday, 24th April 2003)

I bottled it. Not sure exactly why, but I did. I started with some nice cartoony but dark sketchs (have a look at the SAS trooper in the picture post) page 1 was pretty much exactly as I wanted (given my limited drawing abilities) and page 2 seemed to pull together, page 3 was getting there. Then it occured to me, between the sketch and the last three panels of page 2 (although it may have happened at the start of page 2) I went from being very securely in a dark cartoony mode to doing the patented PJ Holden anally retentive realism. So quite an extreme. I’m having a rethink. I want to get the cartoony injected back in, it’s just a matter of letting myself trust my instincts.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.