Untitled (Tuesday, 22nd April 2003)

I’ve had most of a week off. What should have been a great chance to do some work was pissed against a wall (not literally, you understand). I’ve ideas bouncing around my head which are all computer related – and I’m looking forward to getting into work just so I can, hopefully, exorcise the things out (I think that’s the right spelling). I’ve been playing with internal computer networks, wrapping my head around 802.11b and wide area networks and the sorts of things you can do with them. There’s a group that’s starting up which is hoping to set up a wan over belfast, anyone with line of site (and you’re talking a dozen kilometre’s distances) can then join that network. Obstensibly to allow people to use it for internet connections, but there are lots of other things you could do with it. You could set up a wan based radio/tv station, not broadcasting to the wider internet but broadcasting to the wan only. You could set up a webcam to broadcast only to the wan and then anywhere you’re in view of it you could check your home/gf’s shower (come on, you know you would) or whatever. It’s really interesting stuff. This is all because I got in touch with my inner geek (who I thought I’d pretty much destroyed apart from the odd vestage here and there). So crap week for drawing. I really enjoyed being so productive. I’m pretty much creating displacement activities, anything so that I don’t have to face the drawing table – I’ve been cooking (with proper ingredients, not those jars with two sauces in ’em) which has been fun, but … a displacement activity. Anyways, back to work tomorrow – hopefully getting out of the house and away from the bleak void that is my drawing table will stir something (and not just gas).

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.