Untitled (Friday, 11th April 2003)

I’m looking through the looks (a sure sign of boredom). Some odd things, first of all, who are the marillion fans? c’mon, we’re all friends round here – you can admit it. And who is Steve Hacket? And why are people coming to my site after going there? eh? eh? bored minds require answers?

Also, the logs are showing a fairly odd trawl through my cgi-bin looking for a formmail cgi program, all requested from a single source. It’s looking for formmail, FormMail, formMail and lots of others. Is this a spam bot? looking for susceptable place to start sending spam from? how very odd. I custom wrote a couple of email cgi scripts but the email address they send to is hardcoded. Very peculiar.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.