Untitled (Thursday, 10th April 2003)


Just did my little bit to help simplify the voting process online (probably won’t kick in for a day or two). If, by some odd quirk of fate the my name happens to come up in a substantial amount of categories (you know, best comics based film PJ Holden, etc) that’s er.. coincidental. Oh yes. It’s a coincidence. That’s what it is. Yes sir.

I’ve mostly finished the inking on page 2, so much so that I scanned it in and greyscaled it, then realised I still had some touching up to do. I’ll be climbing a mountain all day tomorrow and I think I’ll be able to take Friday off so should get work done then. Saturday gotta visit the in-laws to be, Sunday gotta go back up the mountain to guide people about or something. Then back to work Monday. So not much scope for getting work done.

Part time or full time?

Went to my boss and asked him to scrap the memo I’d handed in asking for an extension of hours. The money vs the hassle wasn’t worth it. Besides I’ve so much work in work coming up that I’ll end up being owed six months off. All that time to draw…

Author: PJ

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