Untitled (Monday, 7th April 2003)

Spurred by the fact that I haven’t got any erasers, I popped into town to buy some (and by “town” I mean Belfast City Centre). Bought about six different erasers of various sizes, shapes and densities – by far the coolest looking is this weird triangle/lonzenge/pill shaped one, exactly the right size and shape to be held in the hand while erasing with some accuracy – it’s great. Also bought a couple of pantone markers, Jim (a friend of mine) has these and has used them for years, they’re for graphic design work – all in pantone colours, they’re pretty cool. I’m geeking out on art things, been awhile since that happened. Used to buy new stuff everytime I had some money, I’d try new markers and pencils and erasers but it’s a habit that’s worn off.

Progress on redraw is going well, one last panel to do, it’s another perspective panel. Saw a screen grab of splinter cell and that’s helped a great deal.

BTW: You have to admire my restraint in not typing the word “erasers” rather than, my more normal, “rubbers” up there, you smutty lot.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.