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The Comics Journal: �Journalista!

Bloody hell, I’m listed on �Journalista!, Fantagraphics Comics Journal weblog. Which is a surprise. I’ve only started reading this blog and it’s very good – one of my difficulties with my comic book career is that … even now, two years into my professional career (and by professional I mean: getting paid) it’s still very much a fantasy occupation, so I read all of the comic sites without any real thoughts as to being involved in the industry proper. �Journalista! is one of those sites that, when you read it, you realise that it is and industry, it is an occupation and that it can be a proper, grown up career.

I go threw lots and lots of personal peaks and troughs, as anyone who’s been a reader of this site can attest, but I’m currently riding something of a high. I’m being fairly productive, the work I’ve done I’ve enjoyed doing it and it doesn’t look too bad and I’ve been starting to think about a career trajectory. I’ve said, many, many times, the goal was always “Draw for 2000AD” then, when it happened, that was it, goal acheived, I was at a complete loss, but I’m starting to think of where/what I want to do next, what’s the overal strategy. There are big Marvel/DC characters I’d love to draw to simply exercise the child in me, although, if I was really exercising the inner child it would be a superhero called “H” with his best mate “The Yo-Yo” and his son, “Son of Yo-Yo” – come on! I was 7 when I made this stuff up. (Yes, “H” DID stand for Holden. Oh how I weep) That, and the Hulk. But I’ve a feeling that that would satisfy me for … oh, not very long, what next after that? Not sure, I did a graphic novel for fantagraphics years ago (“The Moon Looked Down and Laughed”) and Mal has written a partial sequel of sorts called “Ghost Stories” which I’d quite like to do, and, more generally, that kind of light humour, personal story, while being free to draw the art without worrying about other peoples opinion (my big concern).

Ok, I’m rambling now. But still, I’m listed on �Journalista!

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