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Marvel Entertainment – EPIC WEB SITE

Welcome to Epic Comics
For hundreds of creators who deserve the opportunity to see their work in print, for hundreds of thousands of readers listening for new creative voices, EPIC Comics is for you.
EPIC Comics is a new Marvel imprint under which we will publish comics written and illustrated by YOU. Anybody will have the opportunity to submit work for consideration by EPIC’s submissions editor.
EPIC enjoys more favorable economic parameters than Marvel (and other publishers for that matter) so we can publish books that others can’t.
EPIC strives for a broader creative scope than Marvel (and other publishers for that matter) so we can publish a wider array of stories than others would.
By freeing writers and artists from many of the economic and content restrictions of traditional comic publishing, EPIC hopes to provide a forum for a new generation of comic creators to reach the next generation of readers.
An old comic creator lament goes something like, “I don’t have fans, just people who want my job.” Well, people, here is your application. MARVILLE #7 tells you what you need to know to get started with EPIC.
Good luck,
Bill Jemas

This looks really interesting. You should check out the submissions guidelines.

Author: PJ

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