Caged Bulldog

The story so far:

Ok, I’ve completed the pencils and inks for the first two pages of Nick Brownlow’s Cages script – although I figure I might change some of panel 1. It’s not perfect, but since it never will be, it’s a matter of only changing things that are really out of sync. Panel one has my usual cartoony starburst effect around things, which seems inappropriate for the material, so I’ll probably just rough up the background a bit.

I’ve done the first two pages of the Bulldog script – although had to redraw the last two panels as I’d put the villain in a mask, which he shouldn’t have had, so two quick re-draws there.

I’ve pencilled/inked my Anderson card which I’ve decided to partially colour (maybe just the background?)

Coming up: Got to finish the rest of Bulldog, I’ve an April 11th deadline on it so it has to be done, then finish cages, but I’m taking a break at the moment by colouring Anderson. At my current rate of working I’m hoping to have Bulldog finished before the weekend, and then the weekend will be done drawing Cages with the remainder of the time spent doing some character sketchs. Then I’ve a four pager lined up and those one-pagers to be started.

Paying work may occur in the very near future as well.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.