Untitled (Wednesday, 12th March 2003)

Just posted this to the scriptdroids group (yahoogroups)

Hello all, I’m crying out for single page comic strips and, at the risk of coming across as a wanker, I’ve some rules:

o These are for my own amusement only (and the writers, hopefully) I’m not paying anyone anything, copyright belongs to you for the script and me for the art; if you want to rework the script later into something else, feel free, let me know and I’ll make sure the artwork doesn’t appear anywhere but my site to conflict with it.

About the art:
o They may appear online or in my own small press comic (if I ever do one)
o They may appear in other small press comics (if they’re suitable)
o I keep the original artwork (unless asked *really* nicely)
o I may draw them in all sorts of strange and unsuitable styles, I may colour them, I may greyscale them and I may even draw them REALLY badly.

About the scripts (if any are offered)
o I can’t guarantee to get to or respond to every idea – If I don’t answer don’t worry, it’ll get filed and I may do it much further down the line. If I’m definately NOT going to do your script I’ll make sure you know – scripts will be rejected as much on the basis that I don’t particularly want to draw their contents as any other reason – I WILL NOT offer any reason (sorry, just makes it easier to not hurt anyones feelings)
o Don’t throw in swear words or nudity for the sake of it; I’m looking for something any age can read.
o I’d like a one/two line synopsis, and a FULL script posted for consideration (c’mon, how much work could writing a full script be?)
o Yes, I have no problem if it’s a reworked future shock
o No, I will not draw anything over 1 page in length.

And finally:

Why bother doing it?

o You can get to see a script in comic form!
o There’s a slim possibility you can use it as a springboard to get work from Tharg (though, probably not)
o It gives you something to do while waiting for feedback from Tharg.
o In some very small circles, I’m considered quite a good artist (that circle being: me, my GF, my mum and my 7 year old brother)

Anyhue, let me know if anyones interested.

– pj

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.