Untitled (Monday, 31st March 2003)

Got a rough pencil of page 3 of Cages done. A little too rough, I’ll either redraw the entire thing tomorrow or start inking the bits I’m ok about and re-pencil bits to add on to the ink bits (ok, it’s an odd strategy, but it usually works).

Untitled (Sunday, 30th March 2003)

COMIC FESTIVAL – Bristol, England, annually since 1999

Well, flight’s booked. So, I get in at 8:30 on Friday morning, if anyone wants to hang around most of the day, that’s where I’ll be.

Not terribly productive day today, only just started into sitting down to Cages pg 3, sat down to it, roughed up half a panel with a pen and then decided to check email/blog/websites/ the internet kills me. Anyway, going back to work.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I can book the guest hotel. We’ll see.