Untitled (Monday, 24th February 2003)

Just got this flyer in from NTL – suggesting that I move onto some new pay such and such per month and don’t pay call costs. The flyer is very attractive, nice piccie, easy to read – good strong colours. Just the right amount of text.

Then I went to the small print. Tiny text, as would be expected, but still annoying – well below the generally considered minimum of 10 point for decent reading, but the biggest grip I have is the width of the column of text – it’s massive, given the the guidelines from the plain language site the lines for the small print are 3-5 times longer than they need to be. And I’m wondering is that carelessness or a deliberate policy to make reading the small print as difficult as possible?

I read the first line, which was a real chore – and I have decent eyesight – didn’t read beyond it.

Untitled (Thursday, 20th February 2003)

US plans new nuclear weapons

Who says Governments can’t change things? Look at the wonders George Bush Jnr has performed, nearly at war with China, ended a centuries old rule of war about not taking a pre-emptive action, ended the American initiated kyoto treaty, pushing for oil mining in a national park and now, despite pointing the finger at other countrys and saying “Look, they’ve abandonded international treaties by building nuclear new weapons” they’re doing that very thing.

Imagine if GWB Jr had used his powers for good rather than evil?