Untitled (Friday, 31st January 2003)

Sometimes, and usually more often than not, I shun company. I don’t phone people and I don’t reply to emails – it’s not something I’m particulary proud off, but, all the same I’m aware that I do it. It ties to how I feel about myself and how I feel about my drawing. At the moment I’ve poked my head out for a second. I’ve done some good sketchs (well, closer to fully formed drawings). I’ve put aside the lightbox for the moment, I think it’s been hampering my self-confidence. I never felt like I’d actually drawn anything when I’d used the lightbox – I’d just redrawn and redrawn, starting with half-formed doodles and ideas and drawing over it again and again until I ended up with a finished piece. But I never feel like I’ve drawn it. Without the lightbox, I start with a light pencil drawing, then refine it and then ink and the upshot is I feel like I’ve done the work.

Untitled (Tuesday, 28th January 2003)

Fun with Financial Figures:

How much Gordon Brown estimates the firefighter strike will “would cost the taxpayer £6m that would have to be taken from regeneration budgets designed to help the most vulnerable in society.” (from BBC Site) Curiously no mention of the potential £2.5bn (1991 Gulf War costs, reduced by half thanks to contributions of Allies see Financialdirector.co.uk) and whether it would take money away from regeneration budgets.