Untitled (Monday, 30th December 2002)

Wacky Ideas #1

Chopsticks with rubber grips. The grips (or some other form of ribbing, for example notches cut into cheap wooden chopsticks) would make it easier to hold food in place. Great for those people, like me, who can hold a pair of chopsticks but find it difficult to get a grip on things.

Untitled (Monday, 30th December 2002)

PJ’s Cages, thumbnails

One of the few advantages of not drawing is that when you stop and then finally return to the drawing table you sometimes are dazzled by the realisation, that, yes, you CAN actually draw – and nowhere near as badly as you think.

These thumbnails are the reproduced here at slightly smaller than actual size. The nice thing about them is that the detail is so high instantly I feel confident about drawing the finished picture. Of course, I’ve already drawn the first page once, so this is my second time at that and really there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the way I drew it before … I just wasn’t happy about it. I hope the next year I can concentrate on drawing for my own amusement again, I want to draw stuff that makes me laugh rather than cringe (it may still be cringeworthy, but at least if I’m laughing it won’t matter too much).

Untitled (Sunday, 29th December 2002)

I also bought a nice water colour set from WH Smith (£12.95 reduced from £25 fact fans). I’ve done stuff which I think is really nice. I can’t seem to get the stuff to scan while maintaining the proper colours, probably cus it’s a bloody cheap scanner and I’ve only ever fine tuned it for black and white. If I can get it scanned I’ll put some up.

Untitled (Monday, 23rd December 2002)

Have a happy christmas, anyone that’s still reading this.

Next years new years resolutions: Get that radio thing started, get a 15 minute film made (using the DV camera I bought in Singapore and the COOOL tripod I got for my birthday) and maybe, just maybe, try and draw some bloody comics.