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CIA says al Qaeda in “execution phase”

Let’s see… After Sept 11, America decided to go to War on Terrorism. Now. But there are flaws which, y’know, I assume I’m being an idiot over but I’d still like to air my opinion.

Terrorists usually work in small “cells”, each cell is then completely independent of another. The aim is that if you destroy one cell another continues. Therefore, there is no central all-controlling brain. Eliminate Bin Laden and the rest of the cells keep working away. This isn’t like killing a chicken – remove it’s head and the rest keeps going. It’s much more like removing cancer, either you get it all or ANYTHING left will grow and grow.

Terrorism is usually fuild by some sort of “ideal”. Whether it’s a religious one or one over land, it’s still a “concept” rather than a person, therefore while that ideal is alive there will always be someone prepared to give their life for that cause. For example, Freedom of Speech is an ideal. Let’s pretend EVERYONE who exercises freedom of speech where killed tomorrow, would that remove the ideal? of course not. It would prompt more people to fight for it. Everytime a martyr is created it gives fuel to more zealots. The smartest thing to do, surely, is to deal with the cause of the problem rather than the results. If you want to get rid of weeds, you don’t kill the visible bits, you get rid of the root.

America has spent the guts of a year hunting down and failing to get Bin Laden. Have they had ANY success? if the attack in Bali /was/ Al Queda surely it just proves how unsuccesful that was. And while removal of the Taliban was probably a good thing, it was never the intended objective.

Anyway, enough ranting.

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Once again, another nice little Dredd story. But this time its nice. Rennie has a nack for telling little stories, first time we’ve seen the SJS in 2kad for agggesss. Now its time for upcoming regular slot (feel free to use this everyone) OL’ STONEY FACE!–Here we are to comment on the drawing of DREDD!!! by the artist in the tale, this week’s victim…PJ HOLDEN(Dramatic chord) Anyway, I liked it, a good detailed chunky Dredd, not chunky as in Jock chunky, but chunky. Quite an action hero here, I liked the face in paticular, very moody and quite defined. 4/5

If you remember the earlier review (even Blythe isn’t a miracle worker) this review is by the same guy. I seem to have won him over.

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Howabout suggestions for new 2000AD titles

[Suggestions] Howabout suggestions for new 2000AD titles… posted by pj on 17 Oct 02 at 19:22

I’ll start:

What about a new reprint aimed at the 7-12 year old market. Reprinting material they’d be comfortable with in a larger A4 sized format. You’d have to spend money on re-colouring (or colouring) but the golden rule should be no black and white. I’m thinking of something not unlike the UK reprints of Ultimate Spider-Man.

It should start with stuff like Robo-Hunter, Very Early Slaine, Early Dredd, future shocks, Thargs tales, etc. You could also include the Walter the Wobot 1 pagers and anything else that would look really odd in 2000AD/Megazine at the moment (what was that daft superhero thing drawn by Kev O’Neill?). Jazz it up with new fresh covers and price at £1.20, and REALLY push the Alien Editor angle. Call it “2000AD presents…”(in small letters) “THRILLPOWER” (in BIG letters) or something snazzier (what do I know, I only draw).

Hmm… Zarjaz would be a great title…

It’s important that something like that look sufficiently like 2000AD that people will draw a connection (hence the “2000AD Presents…”) but sufficiently different that it will be recognised as a kids comic (hence the larger size larger font and the pushing of Tharg).

While a new reprint title (especially one which is using recoloured artwork – sacrilige!) won’t draw the current readership over to it (unless theres something in it they really want) I don’t think 2000AD /as it is/ now can attract the younger reader (or even the older reader buying for their sprog), so why not a new title /aimed/ at the younger reader?

– pj

I just posted this to the 2000AD newsboard. Ah, I wish just thinking things would make them happen. Still. It’d be cool to see a new 2000AD title with NO reprint, but ain’t gonna happen. Apparently it costs a bomb to launch a new comic, even if it is ALL filler. So these things are simple day dreams … still…