Just finished Warhammer Ork sample pic, if you’re at either DreddCon or the Warhammer Gamesday you can see the full thing, in the meantime here’s a tiny snapshot:

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One of my big problems with posting stuff up here and on the NG is that I frequently mean one thing, type something close to it (but not quite right) and then post it up. When I notice I know it’s wrong and don’t even realise that other people will not know it’s wrong. So here’s what I said and meant : “on the newer Bristol board – I’d forgotten how nice it was” I meant how nice the Bristol Board was but if you were to read that it’d be easy to jump to the wrong conclusion. I also tend to drop words out, like “not” which radically changes the meaning of sentances.

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What’s been happening? Nothing. I’ve been trying in vain to be productive. I’ve repencilled some of Midway (well, traced) onto the newer Bristol board – I’d forgotten how nice it was. I’m trying to get some last minute samples done for DreddCon and The Games Workshop day — previously I’d not bothered, thinking “ok, I’m in the door now” but I don’t think I can afford to be that complacent. I may not post again until after DreddCon (by which time the 2000AD I’m in should be out too 😉


NTL have changed the way their internet service works, the technical (dull) details are that they no longer allow FTP access through anything other than an NTL IP Address what this boils down to is that I can no longer use Blogger the update. Blogger (as much as I moan about it) is a fantastically easy way for me to jot down exactly what I’m doing (or not doing, which seems to be more often the case). It’s quick, easy and it archives everything itself, all I have to worry about is the spelling of the words. Now, since I can no longer use blogger to update this site I’m going to have to look at other options (what a headache). If you came to this site via anything other than http://www.pauljholden.com then start using the pauljholden.com it’s a pointer and I can make it point to whereever I end up. Keep checking I may not be able to update for a few days (which is annoying cus I wanted to rant on about the amazingly bad quality of submissions I saw at Dreddcon, not just the quality of the work -which is something you have little or no control over- but how it was presented – which is something you should be able to get perfect everytime.). Anyway, will I’m doing this update the old fashioned way, you may as well have a comic strip, with a script by Hugh Janus, Lettering by Ben Dover and artwork by Phil McKraken what else could it be but The Adventures of Rogue’s Secret Other BioChip Buddy

Pro moans

Okay, time for a proper update.

News: Went to the graphic supply shop and bought (at last!) some Bristol Board – ordered in specially for me – �11.95 per block for 20 sheets. But it’s lovely paper.

2000AD returned my artwork for the future shock I did (written by Si Spurrier) on the back was a sticker saying “for Prog 1262” since the current prog is 1260 that means in 2 weeks I’m in 2000AD again! yay! Missing DreddCon by one day. Pants. But still, it means I’ll feel more like a droid – cus I’ll bring the artwork with me and pretend I’ve loads of work lined up (hopefully I won’t have to pretend it for long). The current issue of Warhammer has an interview with Mitch Scanlon, the writer of the “Tales from the Ten Tailed Cat” I illustrated recently (have a look in the archives and you can read all about it 🙂 but I get a mention. Then following that … well… issues #48 and #49 are mentioned below.

I’m trying (badly, no doubt) to subscribe to the Warren Ellis principle of pro artist – which means as much shameless promotion as possible (whether I believe my own press is another matter). I’m happy that I can achieve pro quality (of a sort) so now the important thing is to get people to look for things I’m doing (which means more work for me 😉 now, my logic is that if I appear on a regular basis for say, I dunno … a year – month in month out in one form or another I’ll become a pro. This is beyond an editor hiring me for work and is more to do with readers wanting to read the stuff I’m doing (or at least recognising my name when it shows up). Hopefully while that happens I can increase the quality of the work at the same time. After a year (or two) I can then hope that I’ll not be just selected for one offs or filler things.

Some odd things have been happening with how I feel about my work… whereas before I’d do what I needed to do for whatever project I was doing, now I don’t want anything to be printed with my name unless I’ve done the best job I can under the circumstances, this is a problem given the typical lag in small press stuff. And shamefully I have a number of things out which I’m not proud off (I may have felt they were the best I could do at the time… but now…). This seems to have come from being paid to work. It’s upped my own quality threshold (in terms of what I will expect of myself rather than what I am capable off). Having said that, I still churn out as much crap as usual, but.. I dunno. I’m less happy with it appearing.

Looking forward to DreddCon:2 — not long to go…

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Fiddling with the site, when I should we working. I’ve added (I think, but I doubt it’ll work first time) a comment system, so now you add your more sensible comments to my inchorent rants.

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A hoy hoy. I’ve remodelled. Oh, I’d do anything rather than work. It’s gone all green, hopefully it’s got slightly more comic book feel.

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Life Drawing

Well, I’ve had my first life drawing class. Really interesting. The model was asked to do a whole bunch of 60 second poses — I thought I was fast on the draw (badoom-tiSH) but the best I could manage was the occasional arm or something. We did a thing were we drew first with our left hand then our right (I’m right handed). The bizare thing was the left hand drawing seemed to be more accurate, whereas the right hand drawing was too concerned with piddly detail to be any good really.

Worst of all: I still keep drawing heads the wrong size — when I draw comics the heads are too big, when I draw from life the heads are too small. Odd.


And because I should be in bed instead of farting around on the web, listening to nothing and humming all about eve songs to myself… I’ve changed the pic to a nice little black and white sketchy thing — all hail photoshop – but if you still want to see the colour (why?) then move the mouse over it. That’ll work until after the con, then I may change it.

Games Workshop

Here’s some good news, to cheer myself up:

Warhammer #48 and Warhammer #49 will feature stories by me — if you trawl through the archives you can read about them being drawn. One of these issues will also feature an interview! (where I hope the editor can make it look like I’m funny).

DreddCon:2. Looking forward to it, I’m arriving on the friday and hopefully meeting up with Frazer Irving, Gordon Rennie and, of course, WR Logan. At some point I’ll be nipping up to see the warhammer gang and their huge offices.

Friday night is the launch night, guests only woohoo! I’m a guest lalalela I’m a guest. After the last DreddCon I told Annette (GF) that y’know.. this time next year… I might be a guest. And I am woohoo (ok, now it just looks like I’m gloating).

Saturday is DreddCon, not exactly sure what I’m doing but Kev Sutherland has asked me to be on a Hot New Droids panel (hah! — the sucker!) It’ll be the biggest blag since … oh yes, since I managed to convince him to let me come as a guest at Comics2001.

Sunday I travel up to Birmingham to attend the Games workshop Day which is supposed to be massive, big life size models of the Games Workshop stuff is all up there, really looking forward to that as well and the place will be swamped with kids!

Then, later that night flying home…


Hopefully, if everything worked, you’re now gonna see a grinning loon to your right. That’s me. That photo (and dozens of others) were taken after last years DreddCon when Andy Diggle said he’d offer me some work. I was pleased. For several days. My face literally ached from smiling like that. I’ve never had anything make me as happy, and even when work did come as cool as it was, it couldn’t hope to match tha happiness I felt in that one moment when I was told “hey! we’ll give you some work” by the editor of 2000AD!