Is this a web column?

Christ, I hope not. But I suppose it is. Everyone and their dog has one of these, and the people that don’t have one of these complain about how everyone has one of these.

Just been to Silver Bullet Comics it’s got a bunch of columns and features over there. At the moment it’s full of people and their San Diego experiences – there are no particular insights offered just lots of “I went here, and gusghed like a fanboy to my idol who was very nice to me”. One particular column seems to be all about someone saying how lovely him and his girlfriend are. None of these columns have a focus (or, don’t appear to). Well, apart from Rich Johnstons rumour thingie. It has a point, a specific job and it does it well. The others … well…

The weblog may be moving soon, to a secret location, http://www.pauljholden.com will then become the home of Paul J Holden Professional Illustrator — I’m pretty sure this sort of boldface lie will work on the internet 🙂

Okay, with that… I’m definately off on holidays — a week and a half in sunny Cornwall… Cheerio.


Hey! umm… not much to say. Didn’t mean to be so insistent about visiting the Casey Jones website, just blogger being wierd (maybe the site should be renamed “A Journal of My Attempts to Get Blogger to Work”)

Finished my 2000AD Future shock, posted it yesterday – quite happy with it, although I’m sure there’s loads wrong with it – but better to get it done on time than spend months not getting it finished. This is one of my bugbears – comics, for me, are a disposable medium, you aren’t meant to hang on to the things forever (although I concede graphic novels would be different). Whats the point on spending a month drawing six pages that will be read in 5 minutes, if you’re lucky? Do it quick and do it often (there’s a quote for taking out of context). Make sure it’s regular as clockwork and even if it’s not the best work in the world, people will remember you. Having said that – I would like to make it as good as possible, but, as Steven Grant just wrote on his Masters of the Obvious column at comic book resources:

It’s more important to be finished than it is to be good. It’s more important to be good than it is to be finished. Get it done first, and then worry about how good it is. There’s nothing so bad you can’t go back and improve it.

That’ll be my new philosophy. Going on holiday tomorrow to Cornwall for a week and a half, you can still email me at anything at all @ pauljholden.com but I may not read it for a week or so.


More Futureshock

Finally finished inking page 2, began inking page 3 — I’ve one panel background to finish, which is used in the next panel. Starting inking page 4 – done a couple of large figures. I’ve started getting a callouse(??spelling?!) on my right hand middle finger from holding the brush. It’s bloody painful. I suppose I’ve never had it before cus I’ve never done this amount of inking in this short a period of time. Which speaks to my basic laziness. Imagine if I was doing this all the time, you’d be talking, what? 2 pages per day — obviously in this world I’d not be working — as it is I could probably manage 1 page per day if I didn’t constantly revise and redraw the bloody things.

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And the word is: everything is fine, Andy was happy enough — just gotta finish inking it. The website stuff is looking ok (lots and lots of too-ing and fro-ing) trying to second guess my client while my client is trying to second guess their client… good grief charlie brown 😉

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Sod it, I’m inking the thing, no word yet on whether the pencils are ok, but I figure if I have to change them, then I have to change them – if not, then I’m ahead on schedule. Even if I have to scrap the work I’ve already done inking this stuff it won’t matter too much cus I’ve always subscribed to Dave Sim’s view of comic artists and art, to wit: every artist has about 4,000 pages of crap in them, they have to get those out of the way first before they start doing good stuff. (It should be noted it’s only his view of comic artists and art I subscribe to… certainly not the Tangents stuff).

I’m doing illustrations for a website, this’ll be interesting as I’ve never really tried to be a commercial illustrator before, ignoring various things I’ve done for small press RPG books and fanzines, which would be considered commercial illustration on the rare occasions that they paid.

The work I’ve done on the 2kad FS is a little worrying, normally I don’t like the stuff I do — I draw it, and while I’m doing it I don’t really see any problems although I keep thinking “Oh, I wish I could draw THAT better”, this stuff is flowing fairly well and it all looks good. Now that means either 1) it is good (unlikely, but it’s possible since it’s very cartoony and I’ve always felt my cartoony stuff was leaps and bounds ahead of most of my other stuff) or 2) it’s rubbish and I’m really blind to it this time. (More than likely… I’m doing it so fast, that I don’t really have time to sit and mull it over and I’m probably forgetting the bits that look crap deliberately, so I’ll not know where the problems lie for yonks.)

Redrawing things

Going to bed, haven’t finished the inking on page 1, I took a detour and started inking the last panel on page 2. All I’ve got to do though is redraw some cuddly ewok type aliens and then ink them. Shouldn’t be too hard :). But I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

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Finished pencilling page 5 earlier this afternoon and I’m nearly finished inking page 1. Lots of Dead Ewoks!!! 🙂 I’ll maybe post a pic or two in the next week.

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Finished the pencilling for page 4. As Simon Fraser has already said: “using a ruler won’t make you effeminate” 🙂 So I’m gonna take it on the chin and redraw some of the backgrounds on page #3. Page #4 is looking like a candidate for redrawel (not a real word, but you know what I’m saying…). Just begun the pencilling for page 5 now.

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Yay! It looks all new! Blogger has some new templates, now I should really roll my own… but who could be bothered 😉

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After much ferrying people around I finally got home had a bit of a kip (was in bed for 3:00am last night) and I got up and pencilled page 3. I’m currently pencilling page 4. I still like a lazy git – I should have drawn more given the amount of time I’ve had today, and chances are I’ll fade out to bed before I finish these pencils.

I’ve decided to add a little code here: CW is Current Warhammer work (which was completed, just gotta be posted off) 2KAD is 2000AD and FS is future shock. This way I can say, finished page 1 of my 2kad fs. That’ll save a second of my time typing (assuming this fs isn’t my last 😉