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g’ah! System crash I had a whole lot of really interesting and grammatically correct stuff typed up and then the computer crashed. So here’s the same information, poorly put together and with typos in it:

Go to digital webbing, it’s cool. You’ll find a bit on the front page linking to this press release from Komik Werks. I draw your attention to the hysterically funny line: “..we’re going international. One of the creators we’re launching with is from Belfast, Ireland…” hehehe.. Yup, that’s me and the comic is The Simply Incredible Hunk If they were in Belfast they wouldn’t get too far calling it part of Ireland 🙂

D’oh! Like an idiot I mispelled komikwerks’ name. Sorry about that! I’ve corrected it above.

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I’m sitting here working at the computer when I should be drawing, listening to radio 2 and wondering exactly when I crossed that age threshold where you stop listening to radio 1 to start listening to radio 2. And when I’ll slip further down that scale to radios 3, 4 and 5. It’s odd, cus radio 2 now have Steve Wright in the Afternoon which used to be on Radio 1, but I think he was shifted in about ’91/’92? sometime around then. I drifted into cool fm for a few years and only this past few weeks I’ve started on r2.

Why is this important? well… it isn’t really. Although I do nothing but listen to the radio when I’m drawing, so it’s important to me. Plus I’m obsessed with the notion of growing older – what I mean is I’d rather not get any older. ho hum.

Anyhues, some other pretty pictures:

A warhammer sample [248k], sent off, along with my 6 page dredd script (no doubt I’ll bang on and on about that until everyone is sick of hearing about it and it’ll be my moment of glory). The sample and dredd prompted them to commision me to do a four pager, which is what I should be doing now. Here and here are some character designs.

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Well… here I go again. This is, what, my third or fourth attempt at creating and maintaining a blog. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get round to updating this one.

Okauy, what can you expect to find here? I dunno really. Generally I might just write about whatever I fancy, sometimes I’ll post some artwork up and link if from here along with a description of what it is. I’m fairly sloppy when it comes to spelling and grammer, so you’ll have to forgive me there.

To start her off, here’s a sketch of an animated Johnny Woo. Johnny Woo was a character from my first published 2000ad work, in Prog 1233. It was drawn in a fairly realistic “2000AD” style (or as close as I could get), which isn’t my natural choice. I tend to draw cartoony by nature, and in the following prog there was a very cartoony strip so I figured I’d revisit Johnny Woo and chunkify him up (y’know, make him “animated”).

I used to think tooth (2000ad’s nickname in the newsgroup) was very anti cartoony but if it ain’t and if I get some more work from them, you can expect to see something closer to the animated style.

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